Ok, I’m not going to lie. The idea of leaving home for a month with an infant, a preemie infant at that, was so scary and honestly I was questioning coming. I remember it was the night before we were set to leave and I was holding Carrington looking at everything that still needed to be done. I sat on the sofa and looked Leonard in the eye and said “babe I don’t know if I can do this..I don’t think I can go”. There were so many emotions and really a large level of fear associated with living in community with others and all of the what if’s and the unknown.

Leonard looked at me with worry in his eyes and just stated “babe what can I do to help?” I felt so bad being in a state of feeling helpless and not really willing to ask for help. I responded with a “I don’t know” and left the room. Not my most glorious moment but what I was feeling was real and I had to be ok with that.

After taking some time and walking away from what still had to be done I was able to just breathe and process. I’m not sure what clicked inside of me but there was a shift. I’m sure as soon as I left Leonard fell to his knees and called upon the Lord and every angel to help ease my fears! It worked. Something worked. I don’t know if it was the look on Leonard’s face and the idea of him being alone at camp without his family for an entire month or the idea of missing out on what the Lord could do during this time away that created the fear adjustment.

As I powered through the remaining items that needed to be packed. All I could do was pray. The next morning came and as we packed the car and headed out I was praying the whole time. Praying that the Lord would protect us and keep Carrington healthy. Praying that Leonard would be able to deliver a message clearly to the thousands of kids that he would encounter over the month.

When we arrived at the Timber Wolf Lake property I was excited that we made the journey. Excited that the car ride was peaceful and our first fun family road trip! There is such a peace and calmness that resonates the grounds. I have to say since we have settled into the house here at Timber Wolf Lake the Lord has been good.

Carrington has settled in nicely and has been enjoying the beautiful weather. She is sleeping in mommy and daddies room, and enjoying taking walks around the camp property and around the lake. She has received a lot of love from the kids and other families.

I’m looking forward to this camp assignment and enjoying this time with Carrington, Leonard, and all of the amazing people at Young Life camp!!


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