Packing Ain’t Easy

Gearing up for a month away from home is proving to have it’s challenges. Mainly my anxiety with packing and not wanting to overdue it! It’s safe to say I’ve totally over packed in the past! I’m not the only guilty one am I?

Despite my anxiety about packing I am so excited to be able to serve alongside Leonard as he gets to share the gospel for 4 weeks to teens and teen moms while at Timberwolf Lake Young Life Camp in Michigan. I am also excited that Carrington will be with us!

Taking this month long journey has been a part of our summers for as long as we’ve been married (7 years in October). For the last several years it has been all about me and Leonard. Our wardrobe, my makeup, hair care products, and accessories. This year it’s all of those things and about Carrington! Learning to only pack the essentials and making sure I don’t forget ANYTHING is most important. In order for this process to go smoothly I have been utilizing my planner. Not my phone planner but the good ol’ hand written planner.

I first started by making a list titled Carrington’s Things and Mommies Things. Leonard was on his own. Sorry Dad! I then began to create sublist based on how I would categorize items we will need each day. To make things even more organized I then bought us each a tote and plan to fit everything inside each of our totes. I’ve told myself if it doesn’t fit it doesn’t need to go!

So I am on day two of gathering the items from the list I created and I have to say it is going pretty good! I am challenging myself in this year by going with the flow and learning to not take everything to serious. Life has so much to offer and so many experiences to have and I don’t want to miss out on those blessings by being in my head. Secondly I’ve committed to getting back active! So YES that means the workout clothes WILL make the tote! I am really looking forward to getting these legs back moving!

I am looking forward to how the Lord will meet us as we embark on our first road trip and also how he will show up in the lives of each kid at camp.

Please pray for us as we pack, plan, drive, all with a newborn. Also be praying for Leonard as he presents the gospel for the next four weeks. Pray for the camp staff and all of the students and leaders that are traveling from various cities and states to come and experience camp at its finest! If you want to know where we will be, click on the link and see the beautiful Timber Wolf Lake property! Please stay updated by subscribing below!

Timberwolf Lake Young Life Camp


One thought on “Packing Ain’t Easy

  1. Keeping the blessed Trio in prayer while you all are gone!! You are doing an excellent job!! Csre Bear isnt missing a beat being on the road!! Exhale and enjoy your time at camp and your bearlove!!


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