1. PRAISE THE LORD!!!! So happy for Carrington and you guys! I loved how she was looking over ad Dad while you guys recorded and those 2 big yawns! 😂 Lenord she is looking like your twin (sorry Mommy 🤗). SPEAK THE WORD AT YL CAMP BRO!! Declare the works of the Lord! You will do great – love YOU GUYS, you are an inspiration!!


  2. Amen!! Carrington is a beautiful baby girl! Leonard, get ready! Lol she is so pretty! God has brought you all so far!! I’m loving the videos and I love you all!! Enjoy Michigan!


  3. Amen and Hallelujah!! PTL!! You all look beautiful and Care Bear is growing♡♡♡.
    Praying for your safe travels and your adjustments being made to accomodate your very special package!!

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